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Home Remedies to Remove Calcium Deficiency

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Calcium is very helpful to strengthen the bones and tooth. Children and elderly people require different amounts of calcium.

Home Remedies to Remove Calcium Deficiency

Remove Calcium Deficiency
Leafy Vegetables: You should eat leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, cauliflower and fenugreek. 120 gm leafy vegetables contain 112 mg calcium.

Milk: Milk contains high amount of calcium. 1 glass milk contains 240 mg calcium.

Yogurt: One should include yogurt in diet. 1 cup yogurt contains 450 mg calcium.

Cottage Cheese
: Cottage cheese is very helpful to fulfill scarcity of calcium. 1 cup cottage cheese contains 130 mg calcium.

Lime: Regularly drink lemonade to fulfill scarcity of calcium. 1 cup lemonade contains 55 mg calcium.

Banana: Banana provides enough amount of calcium. 1 banana contains 6 mg calcium.

Soybean: Scarcity of calcium can be fulfilled by regular consumption of soybean. 1 cup of soybean contains 200 mg calcium.

Carrot: Carrot is very useful to enhance calcium in the body. 120 gm carrot contains 36 mg calcium.

Jaggery: Regular consumption of jaggery provides phosphorus and calcium. 1 cup of jaggery contains 80 mg calcium.

Beans: Beans provides high amount of protein and calcium. 90 gm beans provides 50 mg calcium.

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