Monday, September 5, 2016

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Olive Oil

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Olive oil contains flevesenoyds skvelin and polyphenols anti oxidants. They protect cells from the radicals so the risk of heart disease and High BP decreases. Skin becomes by applying it on the body.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Health Benefits of Olive Oil
Hair Fall: Regularly apply olive oil in hair. You can mix almond oil in it. It reduces the hair fall.

Healthy Heart: Use 2-3 times olive oil in a week. It reduces the risk of heart disease.

Diabetes: Regularly use 2 teaspoon olive oil in diet. It controls the blood sugar level and reduces the risk of diabetes.

High BP
: Blood circulation can be improved through olive oil. Olive oil also solves High BP problem.

Dandruff: Regularly do massage on scalps with olive oil. It controls the dandruff problem.

Healthy Skin: Regularly do massage on your body with olive oil. It makes skin soft and healthy.

Wrinkles: Mix lemon juice in olive oil and do massage on your face. You will get rid of from wrinkles.

Healthy Nails: Dip your nails in olive oil for half an hour. Your mails become shiny and soft.

Healthy Lips: Do massage on your lips with olive oil for 5 minutes. Your lips become soft and healthy.

Blackheads: Apply one teaspoon olive oil on your face after taking bath. You will get rid of blackheads problem.

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