Monday, September 19, 2016

Health Benefits Of Wheat Bran

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Wheat peels are called as bran. Bran flour has high fiber and potassium, which reduces weight and controls blood pressure. Body gets good amount of amino acids by having bread made from flour with bran. You can also put it in oats or cake.

Health Benefits Of Wheat Bran

Health Benefits Of Wheat Bran
Heat Problem: It contains fibers, which reduces bad cholesterol. It saves from the heart problem.

Diabetes: One can control blood sugar level by having bran bread. It is very useful to prevent diabetes.

Digestion: Bran contains fibers, which cleans the stomach. It improves the digestion.

Cancer: Bran is high in antioxidants, which is very helpful to prevent cancer.

Anemia: Bran flour has high amount of iron. It cures anemia.

Brain Power: It has vitamin B6, which increase brain power. It is very helpful to increase memory.

Weight Loss: Stomach remains full duet o soluble fibers. One can’t easily get appetite. It is very useful in weight loss.

Blood Pressure: Bran flour contains potassium, which controls blood pressure.

Teeth: It has high amount of phosphorus. It strengthens the teeth and prevents us from gum problem.

Joint Pain
: It has magnesium, which strengthen muscles and one can get relief from joint pain.

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