Thursday, September 22, 2016

Food for Desk Job Doers - Keep You Fit

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Desk job employee faces problems due to constant work. They should include such food which improves their digestion and they get energy. Avoid having such food, which increase the weight.

Food for Desk Job Doers - Keep You Fit

Desk Job Doers
Pasta: It has high amount of carbohydrate. It gives fatigue and increase weight.

Fruit Juice: It has high amount of calorie and sugar, which increase the weight. You’ll also get laziness.

Bread: It has lactose sugar, which take time to digest. You might face gas problem.

Milk: It has lactose, which cannot digest easily and digestion may disturb.

Potato Chips: It has high amount of fat and sodium, which increases the weight and BP.

Cold Drink: It has high amount of sugar. Therefore, obesity and blood sugar may increase. Diabetes also increases.

Eating Food

Banana: It has high amount of potassium, which gives instant energy and you won’t get fatigue at work.

Yogurt: It has probiotics bacteria, which improves digestion. You won’t face gas problem even if you sit for long hours.

Oats: It has high amount of protein, which gives energy and you become active during work.

Dark Chocolate: It has anti-oxidants, which increase body’s immunity and gives relief from body ache.

Mosambi: It contains vitamin C. You won’t feel fatigue during work and stress reduces.

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