Saturday, September 3, 2016

Benefits and Usage of Potato Peels

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Most of the people remove potato peels while using it. Its peels are full of nutrients. It contains potassium and fiber which controls blood pressure, improves digestion. 

Benefits and Usage of Potato Peels

Potato Peels

- Potato pills have starch which is helpful to convert white hair into black hair

- Potato pills have antibacterial properties. You can apply it on burn skin

- Pills have bleeding agents. Potato pills are very useful to remove skin tanning

- You can put potato pills in plant. It increases the growth of the plants

- It has high amount of fiber which improves digestion and removes constipation

 -It has angelic acid which can be used to remove rust or mirror

- Potato pills control blood sugar and it also controls diabetes

- It has high amount of potassium which is helpful to control BP

- Potato pills have high amount of acid. You can use them to clean your utensils.

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