Thursday, August 25, 2016

10 Allergic Food You Should Avoid

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In Monsoon, certain food increases the allergy such as cold-fever, cough or asthma. The effect of these allergies increases. Elements such as histamine increase the allergy problem.

10 Allergic Food You Should Avoid

Allergic Food
Banana: If you have cough problem then banana may increase the cough problem.

Brinjal: It contains histamine which increase the allergy.

Almond: If you’re suffering from pollen then almond increase the allergy problem.

Peanut: It contains protein, which helps to increase the histamine effects in the body.

Tomato: It has high amount of histamine. This increase the allergy problem in the body.

Milk: Milk contains protein, which takes more time to digest. Therefore, the problem of allergy may increase.

Red Pepper: It contains capsaicin, which increase the effect of allergy. It also increases the infection in the body.

Cheese: It has high amount of such elements which increase the allergy.

Alcohol: It contains sulfite, which increase the asthma occurs from allergy.

Mushroom: It has high amount of histamine, which increase the problem of allergy.

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