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Health Benefits of Rajgira - Amaranths

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People often use chapatti or paratha made from Rajgira or amaranths during fasting. Rajgira is not grain therefore; people eat during fasting. It is full of salutary properties and gives strength to the body. It is knows as amaranth grain in English. It is cooked in the form of flour and grain. 

Health Benefits of Rajgira - Amaranths

Health Benefits of Rajgira
It is light in color and weight and you can eat it halawa, curry, chikki, sweet or puri. The taste is quite good. Rajgira is full of protein, vitamin C and E, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and antioxidants. You won’t face bone disease as it contains double amount of calcium compared to milk.

Appetite: Research has shown that it has protein which suppresses appetite.

Gluten-free: If you are allergic to gluten then you should include it in your diet.

Vitamin C: Rajgira is full of vitamin C.

More Beneficial than Wheat: It has 5 times higher iron and 3 times higher fiber compared to wheat.

Migraine: Rajgira flour is full of magnesium therefore; it relieves migraine. It prevents the arteries from blockage.

Reduce Blood Cholesterol: It has unsaturated fatty acids and soluble fiber which is helpful in reducing blood cholesterol. It is also good for healthy heart.

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