Monday, July 11, 2016

10 Health Benefits Of Makhana

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Makhana is eaten for the taste. But its elements provide us many health benefits. It has protein, calcium, potassium and sodium. Its 100 gm amount contains 350 calories.

10 Health Benefits Of Makhana

Healthy Heart: Makhana contains astringent and antioxidants, which reduces cholesterol level. The regular intake of it reduces the risk of heart attack.

Diabetes: The regular intake of Makhana balances the insulin level of the body. Therefore, diabetes remains in control. Also, the risk of diabetes decreases.

Kidney: Makhana helps to remove toxins from the body. So, the problem related to kidney decreases.

Strong Bone: Makhana has enough amount of calcium, which strengthens the bones. The regular intake of it gives relief in bones, waist and joint pain.

Health Skin: Makhana has anti-aging properties. The regular intake of it glows the skin and wrinkles not occur.

Digestion: Makhana contains astringent, which improves digestion and removes stomach problem. You can fry it in ghee and eat it. It is beneficial in diarrhea.

Healthy Hair: It has enough amount of protein and antioxidants, which strengthen the hair, make them black and thick.

Weakness: Makhana provides enough energy. The regular intake removes weakness. It also helps to increase weight.

Strong Muscles: Makhana is full of protein. It helps to strengthen the muscles, repair it and create new muscles.

Blood Pressure: It has enough amount of potassium, which helps to control BP.

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