Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Health Benefits and Side Effects of EGG

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It is wrong belief that egg increases the obesity but the truth is the moderate intake of eggs control the weight. Doctors and dietitian advise to eat white part of the egg.

Health Benefits and Side Effects of EGG

Health Benefits egg

- Egg has high amount of protein, which strengthens the muscles and gives relief in arthritis.

- Egg has high amount of calcium that strengthens the tooth and prevents from gum problem.

- Egg has vitamin, which is very helpful to increase vision of the eyes.

- Egg contains folic acid, which is effective in preventing from cancer.

- Egg contains vitamin B12, which helps to increase brain power.
- One should avoid less boil eggs because it contains salmonella bacteria, which creates food poisoning.

- Egg yolk has high amount of cholesterol, which may create heart problem.

- Egg yolk increases sugar level which may lead to diabetes.

- Egg has high amount of sulphur. The high intake of eggs may lead to abdominal pain or diarrhea.

- You should boil eggs properly to eliminate salmonella bacteria.

- You can boil eggs and mix it in salad. The nutrition amount increases in salad.

- Egg and milk has high amount of protein, which strengthens the muscles. You can eat egg and then drink milk.

- Egg and banana can increase the energy level in the body.

- Children can eat egg with yolk. Yolk contains colin, which helps in the brain development.

- Keep eggs in salted water for half an hour. If the eggs are sinking then they are fresh and if they flow on water then it is stale.

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