Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Symtoms of Appendictis - Know Appendicitis with Before Signs

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Appendicitis occurs between small and big intestines. Good bacteria deposited in the stomach. Inflammation or illness occurs due to infection, constipation or intestinal disease. It is also known as appendicitis.

Symptoms of Appendicitis - Know Appendicitis with Before Signs

Symptoms of Appendicitis
Abdominal Pain: One gets severe pain in right side under the naval. The pain also occurs if you touch on it.

Flatulence: Gas problem occurs due to infection in stomach, which leads to flatulence.

Less Hunger: One not only gets pain in stomach but also his appetite also decreases. One cannot like to eat anything.

White Tongue: Tongue becomes white due to problem in stomach. One also get mouth odor.

Diarrhea: Food cannot digest in due to infection in the stomach. Therefore, you may face diarrhea.

Vomiting: One not only gets abdominal pain but also suffers with vomiting during appendicitis.

Fever: One get fever due to infection in stomach. Abdominal pain increases due to fever.

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