Sunday, June 5, 2016

7 Indoor Plants for Health Environment

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Health problem increases due to damage in environment. We can grow some plants in our home which gives pure air and health benefits.

7 Indoor Plants for Health Environment

Indoor Plants
Basil: This plant gives oxygen day and night. It controls the pollution and eliminates bacteria. It also removes negative energy from the home. Its juice is beneficial in cold-cough and fever. The juice of leaf helps to cure skin disease and mouth odor.

Aloe Vera: It cleans the environment. It also has vitamins, minerals, amino acid and fiber. Its gel is beneficial in burning, cuts, skin and hair. Its juice is beneficial for stomach.

Marigold: It reduces the pollution from the environment. Its flower and leaf are full of antibiotics. It keeps away mosquitoes. Its flower juice is beneficial in wound, abscess and skin problem. Its juice is quite beneficial for toothache.

Curry Leaves: Curry leaves cleans the air, increase the taste and keeps hair healthy. It also purifies the blood. It improves digestion and reduces obesity. It controls the diabetes and it is helpful in wound and burning.

Jasmine: It removes toxins from the air. Its flowers increase the fragrance in the home. Its leaves are helpful in mouth ulcers and stomach warms. It is also beneficial in skin disease and headache.

Pomegranate: Its plant reduces the pollution. It has vitamin A, C and E. It also has folic acid, anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Its juice is full of anti ageing and anti oxidant properties. It increases the blood. It keeps skin healthy and helpful to reduce obesity.

Lavender: It cleans the air and kills the micro bacteria and insects. It keeps away the mosquito from the home. Its flower juice is helpful in skin disease. Its fragrance cures headache and migraine. It is quite beneficial for good sleep.

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