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Home Remedies of Jaundice

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Blood cells decreases due to problem in liver. Also, bilirubin pigment level increases in the body. It is known as jaundice. It is the symptom of disease. The disease might be occurring due to liver infection or hepatitis. In this case, you should take special care of food.

Home Remedies of Jaundice

Home Remedies of Jaundice
- Papaya is beneficial in jaundice. You can also grind the papaya leaves and eat them.

- Drink radish leaves juice or you can put black salt and black pepper in it.

- Paneer, which is made from cow’s milk, is also beneficial in jaundice.

- Coconut water contains vitamins and minerals, which gives benefit in jaundice.

- Sugarcane or sugarcane juice is quite beneficial in jaundice.

- Drink lemon water 3-4 times in a day to get rid of jaundice.

- Mix 1 teaspoon honey in 1 cup of Amla juice and drink it to get rid of jaundice.

- You can drink mixture of 1 glass tomato juice and black pepper to cure jaundice.

- Chew 4-5 basil leaves to get rid of jaundice.

- Prepare mixture of onion, lemon juice, black salt and black pepper. Eat this mixture in morning-evening to get rid of jaundice.

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