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Health Problems Due to Stress - Ayurveda Upay

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Stress not only affects our mental health but also affect our physical health. Stress releases many harmful chemicals in our brain and creates many mental and physical problems.

Health Problems Due to Stress - Ayurveda Upay

Health Problems Due to Stress
Central Nervous System: Stress impacts our body’s central nervous system. It creates anxiety, mental disorder and headache.

Sleep: Stress reduces sleep, somnambulism, sleep rave and sleep apnea.

Appetite: Stress affects your sleep. People eat less or they do overeating at night in stress.

Muscular System: Backache, muscles pain, back pain occurs due to stress.

Indigestion: Stress affects our digestive system and it creates constipation, acidity and diarrhea.

Diseases: Stress impacts on body’s immune system, which creates cold, cough and fever.

Psychological Problem: Stress cause anger, irritation, depression and psychological problem.

Heart: Stress increase blood pressure and cholesterol level. It also increases the risk of heart disease.

Diabetes: Stress reduces metabolism. So, calorie won’t burn and the glucose level and the risk of diabetes increase.

Obesity: People eat overeating due to stress. They cannot sleep well. Weight and obesity increases due to these symptoms.

Hormonal Problem: Body hormone balance disturbs due to stress. This leads to body hair overgrowth, obesity and acne.

High Cholesterol: The main reason of bad cholesterol level is stress. This impact on our heart.

High BP: Blood pressure increases due to stress. Therefore, other health problem also increases.

Skin Disease: People do not maintain hygiene and drink less water due to stress. This may create skin disease.

Hair Problem: Stress cause white hair before the age. The hair fall also occurs and one might get bald.

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