Thursday, June 30, 2016

Health Benefits of Spinach - Palak (Spinach)

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Spinach is considered the main source of iron, which reduces the shortage of blood. But spinach also has other healthy nutrition such as protein, carbohydrate, fiber and minerals, which are helpful in removing constipation, anemia and diabetes.

Health Benefits of Spinach - Palak (Spinach)

Health Benefits of Spinach
Blood Pressure: Spinach contains potassium, which is helpful to control BP.

Constipation: Spinach has fiber, which eliminates constipation and improved digestion.

Anemia: Spinach has iron that increases hemoglobin and anemia removes.

Pyorrhea: Spinach has high amount of calcium. It is very helpful in pyorrhea.

Joint Pain: Spinach contains nitrate, which strengthens the muscles and reduces the joint pain.

Night Blindness: Spinach contains vitamin A and beta-carotene, which increases the vision of the eyes. It is also helpful to prevent night blindness.

Infertility: It has folic acid that is helpful in removing infertility.

Cancer: Spinach has flavonoids that are very helpful in preventing cancer.

Alzheimer: Spinach contains vitamin K, which increases memory and reduces the risk of Alzheimer.

Infection: Spinach has vitamin C, which is helpful in preventing infection.

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