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Health Benefits of Lima (vegetable) - Ayurvedic Upay

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Lima vegetable is prepared in every home. Its taste is good and nutritious. Its seed contains lot of protein therefore, it is nutritious. In medic, it is considered as sweet, soft, powerful, removes bile, gout and cough. It is easily available in the market. 

Health Benefits of Lima (vegetable) - Ayurvedic Upay

Health Benefits of Lima
Lima has fiber, which reduces cholesterol. It also prevents blood sugar level therefore, diabetic patient should include in their diet. It gives quality protein if it is eaten with rice. It also has iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin A.

Cleans Blood: Lima vegetable cleans the blood and cures skin diseases.

Fiber: Fiber is essential for good digestion. Lima not only provides fiber but also reduces cholesterol which causes heart safe.

Heart Disease
: A study has shown that people who eat Lima for long time, they have less risk of heart attack because it has magnesium which prevents heart blockage.

Energy: It balances the blood sugar level in the body and provides energy. It is very good for diabetic patient.

Iron: It is not only full of energy and carbohydrates but also we can get iron. It is good for women especially during the menstrual period and lack of hemoglobin in the body.

Fat Free: If you’re dieting then you need to eat Lima because it is full of protein and fat free.

Breast Cancer: It has little amount of isoflavonoids which provides protection from breast cancer.

Vitamin: It has vitamin B6, thiamin, pantothenic and niacin, which are essential for the body.

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