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Health Benefits of Eating Drumstick - Home Remedies

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Drumstick is full of vitamin A, B, C and plenty of minerals. It protects us from many health problems.

Health Benefits of Eating Drumstick - Home Remedies

Eating Drumstick
Digestion: Drumstick contains lot of fibers. Its vegetable is helpful to cure digestion problem.

High BP: Drumstick or its juice is very beneficial in hypertension or high BP problem.

Diarrhea: Drink mixture of 3 teaspoon drumstick leaf juice, 1 teaspoon honey and half cup of coconut water.

Heart Problem: Drumstick doesn’t have cholesterol. It is beneficial to eat drumstick leaf vegetable in heart problem.

Stomach Ulcer: Take 1 teaspoon drumstick powder with water in stomach ulcer.

Inflammation: Boil root of drumstick, thyme, asafetida and saunth in water. Drink this water, which is very helpful in sciatica, leg pain and inflammation.

Cold-Cough: Boil drumstick leaves in water and take its steam. It is very useful in cold-cough. It removes cough easily from the body.

Skin Disease: It has vitamin A, C, calcium and potassium, which cleans the skin. Its soup is very beneficial in skin disease.

Arthritis: Drumstick contains calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. It strengthens the bones and you can get rid of arthritis problem.

Toothache: Rinse your mouth with boil drumstick leaves. It is very useful in gum and tooth problem.

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