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Symptoms and Home Remedies for Itching Problem

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Skin irritation would be the cause of itching. One should not avoid rashes and other problems. This itching is symptoms of many serious diseases.

Symptoms and Home Remedies for Itching Problem

Home Remedies for Itching Problem
Kidney Problem: Toxins would not come out due to problems in kidney. Therefore, itching occurs.

Diabetes: Blood supply cannot occur properly on skin due to increase level of blood sugar and itching occurs.

Cancer: Itching occurs due to cancer tumor or substance or reactions.

Anemia: Iron reduces and red blood cells decrease in anemia. Skin becomes dry and itching occurs.

Liver: Detoxification process disturbs due to problem in liver and itching occurs.

Allergy: Itching occurs due to such food, medicines, seasons or pollution.

Infection: Itching occurs due to sweat, fungal or bacterial infections.

Hormonal Change: Skin becomes dry to hormonal change therefore; itching occurs.

Parasites: Stomach warms, lice absorbs the blood. So, skin gets affected and itching occurs.

Dehydration: Skin becomes dry due to lack of water in the body therefore, itching occurs.

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