Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How to Stop Constant Burping? - Home Remedies

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Often we face belch problem after having heavy food. One cannot concentrate on their work and his life become miserable. People can use some homemade remedies to get rid of belch. Such home remedies are going to used from old-fashioned. There is a lot of gas inside the stomach whose digestion is poor. One becomes ill due to gas. 

How to Stop Constant Burping? - Home Remedies

Water: If you get continuous belching then you should drink water. The water must be cold. You can put ice in it.

Soda: Gas become slowly if you drink some acidic. You can drink soda ken when you get belch.

Peppermint: Mix the mint leaves in homemade tea and drink it.

Black Tea: You should drink 1 cup hot black tea when you get belch.

Fennel: One should chew fennel when you get belch. It will stop belching.

Coriander: One can chew the whole of the coriander stalk to get rid of belch.

Cardamom Tea: You can use cardamom tea to prevent the belch. You should drink tea after lunch.

Ginger: Grated ginger or ginger tea is beneficial in belch.

Cold Milk: You can drink cold milk slowly.

Cloves: Clove is a very natural thing, which will reduce the belch problem.

Sour Fruit: You can eat mosammi or orange. This will ease your food digested.

Lemon Juice: One can drink fresh lemon juice, without sugar, to get rid of belch.

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