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Home Remedies to Stop Bleeding in 60 seconds

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One gets blood while working home. We can use some home remedies however, one should take medical advice immediately if the injury or wound is serious.

Home Remedies to Stop Bleeding in 60 seconds

Home Remedies to Stop Bleeding
Coffee Powder: Coffee contains astringent properties. You can put coffee powder on the cuts to stop the bleeding.

Toothpaste: Toothpaste works as astringent. It shrinks the blood nerves and stops the bleeding.

Ice: Blood nerves shrinks due to ice. Blood easily clots in the body and the bleeding stops.

Turmeric: Turmeric works as an antiseptic and prevent us from infection. Turmeric powder stops the bleeding.

Alum: Alum deposits the protein in the blood therefore; blood clots. So, you can use alum on wound or injury to stop bleeding.

Pressure: You can also give pressure on injury to stop bleeding. Nerves become block due to pressure and bleeding also stops.

Honey: Apply honey on injury or wound. Honey’s antibacterial property prevents us from infection and stops bleeding by shrinking blood nerves.

Tea Bag: You can keep tea bag on injury to stop bleeding. You can also use tea leafs in cloth to stop bleeding.

Petroleum Jelly: Bleeding stops by applying petroleum jelly on injury or wound. It prevents blood from coming out.

Deodorant: Most of the deodorant contains aluminum chloride, which is helpful to stop bleeding.

Cotton: You can also put burn cotton on injury to stop bleeding. Cotton becomes disinfected when you burn it. Its fibers soak the blood.

Flour: You can keep flour on bleeding part. Flour stops the bleeding and soak the blood.

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