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Home Remedies of Babashir [Piles]

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Babashir is known as piles. It is the problem which occurs between the anus and rectum. It creates swelling and irritation. According to one study, about 50 percent of people suffer with piles during 50 years of age. It is a normal disease which is not spread. 

Home Remedies of Babashir [Piles]

Home Remedies of Babashir
There are several medical treatments to cure piles but people are shy to go to the doctor and they hesitated to check. Blood comes out when the disease increases. One also faces terrible pain in seating.

Warm Bath: Take bath with hot water three times a day or sit in the water for a while. The skin become well and you won’t get irritation.

Balance Diet: One should eat balanced diet to cure piles. Constipation and abdominal pain will remove. You should include green vegetables, greens, brown rice, milk, porridge in your diet.

Fomentation of Ice: Keep piece of ice where you get irritation. It gives you comfort and swelling also reduces.

Aloe Vera: Put the Aloe Vera on piles. It gives your relief. Its gel reduces irritation and prevents inflammation.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is quite beneficial in piles. It gives burning sensation at starting but shortly it gives quite relief.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is very useful. It contains antioxidants which reduces the skin irritation. Keep olive oil on cotton and apply it on piles. It will give you rest and comfort.

Other Natural Remedy: Avoid sitting in one position for long time. You should do exercise and contact the doctor when bleeding comes.

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