Friday, May 6, 2016

10 Health Benefits of Betel Nut

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Betel nut is considered a sacred thing. It is necessary in worship. It is not beneficial for teeth but its ashes are useful to clean the teeth. Betel nut is small and minor. It also increases the sex power.

Betel Nut
1. Prepare juice of betel nut. Do gargling regularly. It is beneficial in bleeding gums.

2. Take 1-2 grams betel nut powder with cow’s ghee when you are facing too much urine problem.

3. Betel nut contains tannin, which is beneficial to control high blood pressure.

4. Its extensive use reduces blood pressure and gives dizziness.

5. Betel nut has anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, it is used to prevent the infection in teeth. One can use ashes of betel nut in toothache.

6. Apply betel nut juice in wound. It stops the bleeding.

7. Betel nut has anti-oxidants, which eliminates the toxins and free radicals from the body. Therefore, our body prevents from the diseases.

8. Many people face dryness in mouth due to diabetes. In this case, you can keep betel nut piece in your mouth.

9. Rub the betel nut in water and apply it on itching, eczema. You can also mix betel nut ashes in sesame oil and apply on itching part.

10. Do not keep continuously in mouth. Its unnecessary intake increases gout. Do not eat raw betel nut.

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