Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Unknown Health Benefits of Litchi

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Health Benefits of Litchi - Litchi is full of vitamins, fiber, minerals and anti-oxidants. It has more vitamin C than orange and lemon and fiber than apple. It has 82% water. It keeps you hydrated and beautiful in summer.

Unknown Health Benefits of Litchi

Health Benefits of Litchi
Skin: Litchi is full of anti-oxidants and vitamin C, which keeps your skin healthy.

Ageing: It has vitamin C and anti-oxidants that prevents ageing.

Hair Growth: It is the good source of copper that keep hair healthy and helps them to grow.

Blood Circulation: It has necessary copper, iron, vitamin C, folate and manganese, which keeps blood circulation regular.

Heart: Litchi has flavonoids, anti-oxidants and fiber that keep heart healthy.

Wound: It has vitamin C that helps body to absorb iron. Therefore, the wound or injury can easily cure.

Anti-inflammatory: Its anti-inflammatory properties improve the tissues which damage during exercise.

Injury: It has polyphenols which strengthens the blood vessels. So, the effect of injury reduces.

Cancer: Litchi has flavonoids which is helpful in prevention of cancer.

Anti-viral: Its anti-viral properties kill many germs and virus of several diseases.

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