Thursday, May 26, 2016

10 Best Healthy Snacks for Office

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After sitting for hours in office we get hunger. Many people eat something from canteen and many people avoid eating. You can eat homemade meals.

Best Healthy Snacks for Office

Healthy Snacks for Office
Grams: You can eat grams at anytime throughout the day. It has lot of protein and stomach fills completely. You can eat plain or masala gram.

Kurmura: Kurmura is very light snack, which you can eat in a day. You can roast it in oil and add little salt and turmeric.

Nuts: Nuts are full of protein, healthy fat and vitamins-minerals, which are good for our health.

Baked Snacks: You can use khakhara, ragi chips or baked soya stick instead of potato chips.

Spice Corn: Boil corn and mix little spice and salt in it.

Sprouts: You can make sprout for anything. Cook them in cooker and mix onion, tomato and pepper.

Egg Sandwich: You can eat boil egg with wheat bread. It contains high protein, which keeps you healthy.

Fruits & Vegetables: You can use fruits and vegetables in your tiffin. They are the best snacks for you.

Chikki: It is easily available in the market. You can prepare it at home and use it. It contains lot of calcium, iron and vitamins.

Oats: You should include oats in your snacks. You can mix milk and cook in the microwave.

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