Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tips to Avoid Food Spoilage in Summer

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Summer is a season in which perishable food items become useless. We spend too much money on food items so it is necessary to protect them. You should keep food items in refrigerator to avoid it become stale.

Tips to Avoid Food Spoilage in Summer

Food Spoilage in Summer
Milk: One should boil the food well and keep it in refrigerator when it becomes cool. You can also keep it in large bowl, which is filled with water. It will prevent your milk from spoilage.

Rice: You can keep rice in airtight compartment. Lager, you can keep it in the fridge.

Lentils: If you made lentil in the morning then you should warm it before afternoon meal.

Vegetables: You can mix coconut in beans and other vegetables. However, you should add coconut while cooking. Do not add it when you garnishing the vegetable otherwise; it may become spoilage.

Vegetables: You should wash and wipe the vegetables whenever you buy them from the market. After that, you should keep it in paper beg. Use those vegetables within the three days.

Other Food Items: Never keep food immediately after cooking. First let the dish cooled and then put in the fridge.

Fruit: In summer fruit, especially bananas soon become poor. Therefore, you should buy banana in limited amount. You may have bad diseases due to bad eating.

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