Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lunch Food which can cause Stomach Gas

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Lunch, is the most important meal of the day. It is very important to have nutritious lunch to keep the body fit all the day. Body gets energy and strength due to healthy lunch after breakfast.

Lunch Food which can Cause Stomach Gas

Cause Stomach Gas
Sugar levels of the body remain in control due to lunch. But many times you face gas problem after having lunch. You face many problems in your work and your day is ruined.

Beans: Beans are good for health. But it has oligosaccharides, which are one type of sugar molecules that are not easily digested. If you soak in water for overnight and then these molecules easily digested. Therefore, you should avoid having beans in lunch.

Peas: Peas also contains oligosaccharides, which creates gas in the stomach. However, boil peas cannot create gas in the stomach. But if someone face gas problem in stomach then he should avoid having it in lunch.

Cabbage: Cabbage creates gas in the stomach. It is common that people face gas problem after having cabbage in lunch.

Wheat: Wheat contains gluten protein, which creates gas in the stomach. Many times people get gas in stomach after having simple food. This happens because of the loaves made from wheat flour.

Potato: Everyone likes potatoes. It contains starch, which creates gas in the stomach. It is difficult to avoid potato in lunch. However, if you are suffering with gas problem then you should avoid it in lunch.

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