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List of Water Rich Fruits For Summer

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Many diseases such as constipation, piles, kidney stones, poor digestion, low blood pressure occurs due to lack of water. We are advised to drink plenty of water. High fluid intake improves digestion and keeps all the dirt from the body through the skin. Body temperature also remains in control. 

List of Water Rich Fruits For Summer

Water Rich Fruits For Summer
However, if you include fruits and vegetables in your diet that contains some amount of water then you can find freedom from dehydration. These fruits and vegetables not only have water, but also vitamins and protein. Water filled fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, grapes, tomatoes, carrots etc. Watermelon also keeps you hydrated and you won’t have shortage of water.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes contains potassium and lycopene. In addition, it also has 90% water. Tomato is very helpful to reduce obesity.

Carrots: Carrots contains antioxidant, vitamins and protein, which is very good for skin and hair. If you drink carrot juice regularly, your body will fix the problem of water shortage.

Radish: Radish contains lot of water. It fills the stomach and you get freedom from obesity. It is easily digestible.

Cucumber: Cucumber has 96% water and 4% fiber. It fills the stomach and cures constipation problem.

Peach: This fruit contains vitamin A, C and beta-carotene. It contains antioxidants that eliminates free radicals and keeps body fit.

Orange: This citrus fruit is full of water, which keeps the body hydrated from the inside. The regular intake increases the shine of the skin.

Pineapple: It has soluble fiber and antioxidants, which increases water in the body.

Watermelon: In summer, watermelon fulfills the shortage of water in the body. Watermelon contains vitamins A, B, potassium, magnesium and thymine.

Strawberries: Strawberries contains vitamin, protein and nutrition. It also works to control blood pressure. It has no calories at all so obesity does not increase.

Grapes: Grapes has lot of water. You should include it in your regular diet. You won’t have digestive problem. Ripe grapes are cold, sweet and cathartic.

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