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List of Foods to Avoid at Night

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Abdominal pain or nausea is common health problem. It occurs due to late night food. There are many different types of diet which we eat at night and it creates problem in the next morning. Such problem like morning flatulence, gas, indigestion, acid, loose motion and nausea. Some time these diets are so uncomfortable that person cannot sleep.

List of Foods to Avoid at Night

Foods to Avoid at Night
Fried Food: Fried food is very difficult to digest. Therefore, you should avoid eating before bedtime.

Marconi and Pasta: It has lot of carb and fatty acids. People who have problem of acidity in the stomach, they should not eat it at night.

Soda: Soda creates problem at night. People who are suffering with constipation or hyperacidity they should not drink it at all.

Coffee: Sleep goes away due to coffee. If you drink a strong cup of coffee then your sleep goes away for 2 hours.

Ice Cream: Ice cream contains sugar. If you eat it before bed then it might increase or decrease your sugar level. If ice cream contains caffeine then your sleep goes away.

Chocolate: Chocolate is high in caffeine, which can have an effect on sleep.

Bread: Bread contains lot of carb, so it easily digestible. Many people get constipation due to bread.

Spicy Food: Spicy food creates burning in chest and acid in stomach. Sometime digestion also affects or you might get diarrhea.

Tomato Sauce: It creates acid in the stomach and slow down digestion. Do not eat pizza at night as it contains cheese and tomato.

Garlic: Do not use garlic at night because it increases the chances of burning in chest.

Red Meat: Red meat contains a lot of protein and fat, which forced abdomen for hard work.

Fruit Salad: Fruit contains lot of water. So, you will get urine all night. For some people, fruit salad also creates acidity.

Milk: One get frequently urinate due to milk. So, you should drink milk in the morning.

Wine: Many people drink alcohol to get good sleep at night. But, there would be lack of water in the body and the chances of acid in stomach are increasing.

Broccoli: Broccoli contains fibers that are slowly digested in the stomach.

Noodles: It contains lot of carb and fats. It is not easily digest and if it is very spicy then it may cause chest burning after eating.

Chips: It is heavier and it cannot be easily digested.

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