Thursday, April 14, 2016

4 Unknown Health Benefits of Chewing gum

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Chewing gum is not only a mouth freshener but also it has many health benefits. You can eat it anytime. According to research, chewing gum has much good effect on our health. It reduces obesity and solves the problem of teeth.

4 Unknown Health Benefits of Chewing gum

Health Benefits of Chewing gum
Obesity: Chewing gum helps to lose weight. Low calorie chewing gum is fat-free. It burns the fat. It affects your jaw muscles. It also takes control over the hunger and you won’t get much desire to eat sweet. Chewing gum has the potential to reduce 11 calories per hour in a day.

Improves Digestion: Chewing gum improves bowel motility. When you chew gum spit comes in more amounts in the mouth. It stops the digestive acid to enter into the mouth. So the food is digested and digestive system improves.

Oral Health: When you eat chewing gum then spit comes in more amounts. Sputum helps to avoid mouth diseases such as tooth decay, cavities etc. You should eat sugar free gum so your teeth won’t affect. Artificial sweeteners chewing gum promotes obesity and worse the teeth.

White Teeth: Teeth become white and jaw will be strengthening by chewing gum. It also reduces fat from the chin. Yellow stains on the teeth become clear and it became shiny. If the breath smelled then you can chew gum.

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