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Why You Should have Buttermilk or Mattha in Summer?

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Buttermilk or Mattha is considered as nectar in summer. It is made from yogurt and full of lots of nourishing properties. Ayurveda has said that the person who drinks buttermilk after having his meal; his stomach never get diseases. 

Why You Should have Buttermilk or Mattha in Summer?

Buttermilk or Mattha in Summer

If you do not like yogurt then you will like buttermilk because it has sour taste. You can also add black salt, cumin and asafetida in it. It is beneficial to drink buttermilk mixing mishri, black pepper and rock salt in stomach disorders. It also increases the immunity of the body.

Cool the Body Temperature: If you want coolness immediately in summer then you should drink buttermilk. It transmits the coolness of those women who feel hot after menopause.

Digestion: Digestion remains good if you drink it with meal. It is also easily digestible. It is quite beneficial if you add rock salt or pepper.

Spicy Food: One should drink it after pungent and spicy food. It contains protein therefore; it provides coolness to the stomach. It also cures acidity.

Obesity: Oil does not affect the stomach if you drink buttermilk after having oily and spicy food. One should drink buttermilk mixing rock salt to reduce obesity.

Calcium: It is good source of calcium for those people who do not drink milk. Because it contains lot of calcium. Therefore, you should make a habit of drinking buttermilk daily.

Nutrients: Buttermilk has calcium, protein, vitamin B and potassium. These vitamins and minerals are good for health. It also strengthens the immune system of the body.

Enhance Beauty
: You can wash your hair twice in a week if you are suffering from hair fall. You can also apply flour in it and apply on your face. It eliminates wrinkles from your face.

Piles: The fresh buttermilk is very beneficial for piles patients.

Cancer, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure: The regular consumption cures cancer, cholesterol and blood pressure. It contains bio-active protein, which reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.

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