Thursday, March 17, 2016

6 Reason Sunlight is Good for Health

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Sunlight is not only provides light to us but also it has many health benefits. Sunlight contains vitamin D, which deficiency creates metabolic bone disease in human. Sunlight benefits are not limited to vitamin D but there are several other benefits which are as follows.

6 Reason Sunlight is Good for Health

Sunlight is Good for Health
Develop Melatonin: Melatonin hormone increase from sunshine. Therefore, you get good sleep at night. You can also get rid of insomnia.

Weight Loss: Sunshine helps you to reduce your weight. Because a study has revealed that there is a good relationship between BMI and sunlight.

Cold: Sunlight provides you relief in winter when you get cold.

Bones: Bones become strong by sitting in sunshine in winter. It contains sufficient amount of vitamin D, which gives strength to the bones.

Other Diseases: Other diseases can easily cure by sunlight. Infection, fungal infections etc. can be cured by sunlight.

Autoimmune Disease Relief: Immune system becomes strong by sun light. UV rays from sunlight restrict hyperactivity of immune system and help to relieve from psoriasis.

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