Monday, March 21, 2016

Sugar Free Drinks and Health Benefits

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Nowadays, there are many sugar-free drinks available in market for diabetic patients. But it has high amounts of calories. The demand is increasing steadily because people think it is good compared to ordinary drink. 

Sugar Free Drinks and Health Benefits

Sugar Free Drinks
Many people think sugar-free drink is better than regular drink because it has low amount of calorie and fat. Actually, it is not considered good for health. If you are habit of drinking sugar-free drinks then you should reduce its consumption. Your body won’t get extra calories and fat.

Damage Teeth: Teeth might become worsen by drinking sugar-free drink because it has a small amount of acid and quite preservative, which roughen the teeth. Acid put in sugar free drink for flavor which flourishes bacteria in teeth. It increase decay in tooth and dissolves insects. Saliva also increases in the higher level by drinking it. Therefore, sugar free drinks are harmful for health.

Gastric Problem: Sugar-free drink contains carbon dioxide, acid, addictive, preservative, artificial sweetener etc. its consumption has a negative impact on health. All these substance creates stomach gas problems. At times one might suffer from dehydration, cold-cough etc. and one get weakness. Sugar free drink may be better than regular drink but not it is not healthy.

Weight Loss: Weight also decreases due to low calorie drink. If you are frail and weak then you should avoid drinking sugar free drink because you weight will reduce. Many people think that sugar-free drink will be good for their health but it is not good.

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