Wednesday, March 23, 2016

6 Side Effects of High Protein Diet

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Many times we consume too much protein to become healthy. Much protein may cause many side-effects. High protein supplements are right for immediate hunger, but it can cause health hazards. All the nutrients are good in a limited amount. 

6 Side Effects of High Protein Diet

High Protein Diet
After taking protein the body replaces it in amino acids, which help the body’s mechanisms. According to a recent study, a high-protein may increase the risk of cancer and malignant diseases.

Constipation: You may face constipation problem due to high protein intake. There would be lack of fiber in the body.

Bone Weakness: More protein in the body can give power to the bones but bones cannot get enough calcium. Therefore, they become weak.

Heart Disease: Protein intake increases the cholesterol and saturated fat in the body so the risk of heart disease increases. Because of this high level of LDL cholesterol in the body increases.

Lack of Nutrients: High protein may become the reason of nutrient depletion. Because people do not focus on vitamins and minerals and they face deficiency in the body for the same.

Cancer Risk: High-protein diet increase the risk of cancer because cancer cells are more developed. Disease significantly increases due to lack of fiber and carbohydrates in the body.

Kidney Stones
: Kidney stone occur due to much protein in the body. This problem occurs in those people who eat more meat. Because meat contains purine protein, which creates stone.

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