Friday, March 4, 2016

Health Benefits of Chironji or Charoli [Skin Care]

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Everyone knows about the chironji. It is used as dry fruits. It is used in Indian sweets. It is also known as charoli. Its tree usually found in dry mountainous region. 

Health Benefits of Chironji or Charoli [Skin Care]

Health Benefits of Chironji
Chironji is extremely beneficial for health and beauty. It cures acne, pimples and stains. It gives power to the body and gas won’t occur in stomach. The ripe fruit of Chironji is sweet, balsamic and suppressor of gout, bile and cough.

Cough: It is quite beneficial to drink decoction of Chironji in morning-evening. It is nutritious. It is nutritionally used in place of almonds.

Black Hair: Chironji oil is used to make hair black.

Blood Diarrhea: Blood diarrhea can be cured by having 5-10 grind Chironji along with milk.

Beautiful Face: Grind the Chironji with rose water and prepare its paste. Apply it on your face. When it becomes dry then wash your face. The face will become sleek, beautiful and bright.

Acne: Prepare the paste of orange peel and Chironji. Apply it on your face. Wash your face when it becomes dry. You should use it at least one week to get good results.

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