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Health Benefits of Black Lentil

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Black lentil is a pulse. It is extremely powerful, nutritious than any other pulse. Its skin is more nutritious. People having weak digestion should avoid it. It is widely used to prepare several dishes such as dosa, papad, laddoo etc. Flesh, marrow increase if it is eaten by those who have strong digestive power. 

Health Benefits of Black Lentil

Health Benefits of Black Lentil
Black lentil contains protein, vitamin B, thiamin, riboflavin and niacin, vitamin C, iron, calcium, soluble fiber and starch. Black lentil increase sperm and beneficial to heart. It eliminates gout and bile. It gives more power and energy compared to other pulses.

Energy: It has lot of iron, which gives power to the body. It is suitable for women who have severe premenstrual, because there is a lack of iron I them. It has more iron than red-meat. However, it doesn’t high-calorie and fat.

Protein: Each pulse has heavy protein. Those who do not eat fish, meat due to lack of money, they can easily afford pulses. Protein is very essential for muscle growth and strength of the body. Protein is essential for growth of skin, blood, muscles and bones.

Improved Digestion
: People whose digestive power is strong and if they take it then the blood, flesh, marrow increases. It also contains soluble fiber, which are easier to digest.

Cardiovascular Health: Black lentils are not only cholesterol lowering but also it is healthy. By increasing the level of magnesium and folate it protects arteries from getting blocked. Magnesium increases heart health because it promotes blood circulation.

Masculine Power
: Keep soaked black lentil in water for 6-7 hours. Fry it in the butter and consumed it with honey. It increases the male sexual power and removes disorder.

Skin Glow: Freckled face and acne stains can be cleaned by black lentil face pack. It enhances the face and face become shiny.

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