Monday, March 14, 2016

Foods to Have when you have Diarrhea

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Many people suffer from diseases in summer. First, one should take care of abdominal disease and do such remedy for its infection. Diarrhea occurs due to unclear food items and too much travel. Thin stools comes due to diarrhea therefore, water and salt comes out from the body. People feel weakness in their body.

Foods to Have when you have Diarrhea

Coconut Water: Coconut water contains electrolytes, which will keep your body hydrated. It also contains potassium, which reduces the stomach’s acidity levels.

Yogurt: Yogurt provides coolness to stomach. It has good bacteria and pro-biotic, which improves digestion and prevents diarrhea.

Gourd: Gourd gives coolness and relief to the stomach. It stops diarrhea.

Green Gram: This is a single pulse which is easily digestible and can be eaten with rice comfortably. If you have diarrhea regularly then you should eat rice with green gram.

Porridge: Green gram porridge is quite beneficial in diarrhea. However, you should avoid having sago porridge.

Oranges: It contains fiber, which will help digestion function properly. It will provide relief to the stomach.

Buttermilk: You should drink buttermilk if you want to keep yourself hydrate. You will get good bacteria and pro-biotic which will prevents you from diarrhea.

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