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9 Health Benefits of Alum (Phitkari)

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Alum is a crystal which is used in all households. Men have used it as an aftershave. In ancient times, women were used alum to make face tight. It is red and white. Alum has many properties. It destroys bacteria so people use as deodorant. It is antibacterial so it is used to get rid of dental disease.

9 Health Benefits of Alum (Phitkari)

Health Benefits of Alum
1. Alum can be used on injury or wound. Applying alum water will stop bleeding from the wound. You also can use its powder.

2. Wash the face to get rid of facial wrinkles. Then keep alum in cold water and scrub lightly around the face. Now, let it dry and then wipe it out with the hands. After a few months use, your face will become bright and young.

3. Take half a gram of alum and mix it with honey. Eat this mixture and you will get immediate benefit.

4. It can relieve dental disease as it has antibacterial and stringent element. It can be used as mouthwash.

5. Mix alum in bathing water and use it. It cures itching and body odor.

6. Rub the alum on worms and insects bite. This will reduce swelling, bruises and redness.

7. Apply alum on your face. It becomes white and skin tone becomes blonde.

8. Take a liter of water and mix 10 grams of alum powder. The regular use of this mixture helps you to get rid from head lice.

9. Mix hot water and a pinch of salt. Do gargle when you face tonsils problem. This will give you instant relief in tonsils.

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