Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Side Effects of Eating Stale food

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Nowadays, people eat stale food too much. It mostly happens with working people who doesn’t have time to eat. However, fresh food is good and healthy million times compared to stale or refrigerator food. Food impacts on our body and mind. 

Side Effects of Eating Stale food

Stale food
If you eat dinner leftover meal in morning then you might get bacteria diseases. Stale food doesn’t have nutritious and taste. If you are fond of eating meat and fish then you should keep them in fridge with covered. If you eat stale food then you should reheat very well so the bacteria would be destroyed.

Food Poisoning: Many studies have shown that bacteria would begin to flourish 40 F to 140 F in food. If you are using this food which is prepared for two hours and don’t placed in the refrigerator then the chance of bacterial increases. It may cause food poisoning.

Stomach Problems: Stomach problems may increase due to stale food. Also, bacteria beginning to ferment so the problem increases in digestive system. Never eat food which is prepared before 2 hours.

Acidity: Do you have the problem of acidity? It may be happens because you’re used to eating stale food.

Vomiting: Stale food looks like fresh but it contains bacteria. If food is old for 2-3 days then you might suffer from vomiting. It happens by bacteria which produce toxins and chemicals.

Diarrhea: This problem is related to the food poisoning. There would be lack of water in the body so you should eat fresh food.

Abdominal Pain: Stale food creates stomach gas, acidity and pain. If you eat refrigerator food then you may get abdominal pain.

Mild Fever: Bacterial infection cause mild fever and unhealthy body. If you notice such symptoms then you should contact your doctor immediately.

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