Wednesday, February 24, 2016

4 Side Effects on Health for Nail Biting

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The habit of chewing nails is considered one of the worst habits. This bad habit is mostly common in children but adults often be seen chewing their nails. You can get your nails manicure to get rid from this problem. 

4 Side Effects on Health for Nail Biting

Side Effects on Health for Nail Biting
There are several bad effects on the health of nail chewing. Therefore, you should leave it as soon as possible.

Health Risk:

Bad Effects on Nails: When you chew nails for long time then your finger becomes red and nails are caves inward. It gives pain also. Therefore, you should keep your hand busy.

Skin: There would be bad impact on skin around the nails. It causes damage to the skin cells. But it does not occur when you cut the nails from nail cutter. It carries the risk of significant bleeding and infection.

Digestive Problem: The bacteria live in the nails which you chew every time. According to research, nails are dirty double then finger therefore; it has more infection and bacteria. It enters in the body through the mouth when you chew it. It increases the infection.

Teeth: Teeth whitening decreases due to constantly chewing nails.

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