Thursday, February 4, 2016

4 Most common Causes of Inflammation

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Do you suspect that there was a time when you felt better right than today? May be you have more energy. Maybe you eat less and your skin won’t become itchy and dry. The breakout was the right according to your age. You would be more vibrant. 

4 Most common Causes of Inflammation 

Causes of Inflammation

Your body is probably a victim of inflammation and therefore you are not feeling normal. The good thing is that you can make some changes in your food and you can erase the illusion in which you are living today and you can feel warm as before.

The negative reaction to some food: Some food is causing problems for many people such as dairy, soya, gluten, egg and corn. You may be sensitive to certain food. These foods are not allergenic but you may be a victim of inflammation. Inflammation may cause brain fog, skin problems, depression, migraine and lethargy.

Excess Sugar: It is wrong to think that if you are not eating too sweet then you won’t eat much sweet. Sugar is used as major ingredient in most processed or outside food. Sugar and artificial sweeteners both creates swelling and inflammation. Artificial sweeteners generate cytokine that you are a victim of irritation and inflammation.

Candida: Candida is a type of yeast that is running in your body and you’ll feel tired. It is your digestive system work that it put the yeast in balance. When the good bacteria settle then yeast runs in your body. This can happen if you’ve taken many courses of antibiotics or taking birth control pills or having food that cause inflammation and irritation. Candida lives on sugar. However, you can find out by test that you’re victim of candida or not. It is necessary to use balance sugar to get rid from candida. You can reduce inflammation to replenish vitamin E, glutamine and javas oil.

Malnourished: People are adopting new ways to lose weight then they reduce food. It could be very dangerous for them who are malnourished. The important thing that you should start eating some excellent cooperation food such as vegetables and a protein source with every meal.

Understand your body: We all don’t have same body and we all have different needs. You should understand your body. Understand how your body reacts to a particular food and then focus on being healthy.

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