Thursday, February 11, 2016

Indian Food for Diabetics

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Today, many people in India who suffer from diabetes. Incorrect eating habits and lifestyle catch the people. Diabetics must take great care of their diet and they should not eat any calories and sweet food. Also, they should eat little food in a day. 

Indian Food for Diabetics

Indian Food for Diabetics
Besides, they should eat homemade food such as spinach, gourd, lentils, tomatoes, peas or sattu and fenugreek etc. We often eat fried food which is harmful for our body. People who are vegetarian, Indian food are great for them. Lentils are best food for diabetics because it has high amount of nutrients and it controls blood sugar level. You can also eat cheese or salad or green leafy vegetables. You should do such exercises.

Gram: Gram or gram flour is very beneficial for diabetic because it contains fiber and important vitamins. You can also drink gram sattu. It may prove to be a panacea.

Fenugreek: Take 1 teaspoon fenugreek and soak in water overnight. Eat it by filtering in the morning with empty stomach. It will control your diabetes.

Tomato Juice: Diabetes can be controlled by drinking mixture of tomato juice and black pepper. You should drink it with empty stomach.

Lentils: Lentils contains a high amount of fiber, protein and vitamins which controls the blood sugar levels.

Bitter Gourd: You can eat bitter gourd or drink its juice to control blood sugar.

Fenugreek Leaves: Blood sugar can be controlled by having cooked fenugreek.

Okra: Okra controls blood sugar levels. It has sticky juice that controls glucose levels in the body.

Gourd: Diabetic patient can control diabetes by drinking a glass of bottle gourd juice in the morning.

Spinach: Green leafy spinach contains fiber and it has lot of vitamins.

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