Friday, February 19, 2016

Home Remedies for Cold Without Fever

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There are several reasons for getting cold. You get fever due to cold or temperature. There are still some people who get fever along with cold. They would realize shivering from morning till night.

Home Remedies for Cold Without Fever

Cold Without Fever
Cold: When muscles shrink suddenly and begin to relax then we would realize fever. This occurs when the body tries to fight any type of infection to increase their temperature and to generate heat. At the same time, skin becomes dry. Usually, people get fever due to cold.

Sleep well at Night: It is recommended that you sleep at least 8-9 hours at night. It relaxes the body and helps to maintain normal body temperature.

Do not stay empty stomach: You must have to eat some food in few hours to provider complete nutrition to the body. Cold seems to be due to weakness in the body. Always keep protein bars along with you.

Exercise Regularly: Regular exercise could protect the body from getting cold. You can walk around your home or can do some swimming.

Vitamin B Supplement: Vitamin B supplement provides you energy and you won’t get cold.

Drink warm water: You can drink warm water to keep the body warm. It will not be shortage of water in the body and the body will remain warm.

Bath with hot water: If you suddenly have seemed cold then you should take bath with hot water. The body will be warm and your mind become calm.

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