Saturday, February 27, 2016

Health Benefits of Pudina Juice

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In summer, we often drink roadside juice, mango etc. But have you ever drink mint juice? Mint juice is very beneficial in summer. Mint juice provides cool to the body. It easily vanishes heat. Mint juice is also beneficial in digestive system. There are several types of mint. Mint is also used as medicine.

Health Benefits of Pudina Juice

Health Benefits of Pudina Juice
Body Heat: Mint helps to eliminate body heat. Mint juice could prevent you from sun stroke.

Better Digestion: Mint leaves are full of antioxidants, which relax the muscles of the stomach and also keep digestive system fit.

Hydrate: One should keep his body hydrate in the summer therefore, you should drink mint juice.

For Oral Health: Mint leaves are natural mouth freshener. It removes the mouth smell and makes yellow teeth in white. It also contains anti-bacterial properties therefore; teeth do not get diseases.

Cough: Mint contains menthol which will open your stick nose. Put mint leaves in mint juice and apply in your nose. It is very beneficial in nasal breathing.

Stress: Mint has high aroma and antioxidant which keeps you away from stress. It is easily provides you relaxation.

Increase Immunity
: The green leaves contain vitamin C, D, E, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B, which are increasing the body’s immunity.

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