Friday, February 26, 2016

Health Benefits of Black cardamom

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Black cardamom is very useful spices in kitchen. Black cardamom is healthy enough as compared to green cardamom. The only difference is simply that it is less tasty. Large cardamom is used as a vegetable and spice. Large cardamom is known as black cardamom, brown cardamom, red cardamom, Bengal cardamom or Nepalese cardamom.

Health Benefits of Black cardamom

Black cardamom
Cancer Survival: It has anti-cancer properties that are effective in preventing various cancers. It has the ability to investigate the growth of cancer cells in the body. It also enhances the level of antioxidant glutathione.

Beneficial to Teeth: Black cardamom is very beneficial for several teeth problems such as infection of teeth and gums. It is also helpful to get rid from bad smell from the mouth.

Hair Problems: Hair problems can be cured by large cardamom. It increases the hair long and dense.

Protection from Infection: It has been found that cardamom can destroy 14 types of bacteria. It not only strengthens the immunity system but also prevents the body from bacterial and viral infection.

Maintain Fairness: Cardamom not only prevents the aging but also shines the skin color.

Treatment of Skin Allergies: Black cardamom has antibacterial properties therefore; it is used in skin allergies as natural medicine.

Prevents form Heat/Lu: Cardamom saves from heat stroke in hot weather.

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