Friday, February 5, 2016

Best Times to Eat fruits and Why

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Everyone like the fruit and India is a county where thousands of seasonal fruit grow. Fruits contain nutrients that strengthen the body. Most people eat fruit only when they get hunger but they have to understand that it is time and weather to eat fruits. 

Best Times to Eat Fruits and Why

Some people eat fruit immediately after meal. They thought that it is better than desert. But you should have fruit after meal. It would harm to eat fruit without getting its nutritional information. Therefore, always try to eat at the right time to get maximum benefit.

Empty Stomach: One should eat fruit on an empty stomach to clean it. All the vitamins and minerals in fruits are filling well in the empty stomach.

Before Exercise: If you exercise regularly then you should eat the fruit. Energy level in the body maintain by eating fruit before you start exercise.

In Between Meals
: The best time to eat fruit is one hour before and two hours after meals. It will be confident that the body absorbed vitamin C, pectin and fiber. Eating fruits between meals will reduce cholesterol level.

Seasonal Fruit: Always eat the fruit according to season. If you don’t do this then you will get stale and stored fruit which contains preservatives.

After Meal: If you eat fruit immediately after meals then body’s ability to absorb fructose will slow down. Rest of the digestive system creates fructose organic acid which causes diarrhea and gas. In this case, fruit take more time to digest.

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