Friday, January 22, 2016

Use Jeera Water-Cumin Water for Weight Loss

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Cumin is a spice that gives the best flavor and aroma. It is not only a spice but also has many health benefits. Cumin is also very helpful for weight loss. A recent study has shown that intake of cumin powder absorb the fat and reduce the weight. 

Use Jeera Water-Cumin Water for Weight Loss

Jeera Water-Cumin Water
Along with weight loss, it also saves from lot of other diseases such as reduce cholesterol, prevents from heart attack, increases memory, fixes blood loss, improves digestion system and removes qualm and gas.

Method of Making Water: Take two tablespoon cumin and soak it in one glass of water for overnight. Boil it in morning and drink it like hot tea. Chew the remaining cumin. The daily intake removes unnecessary fat from any part of the body.

Cumin Powder with Yogurt: You can eat cumin any way to lose weight. Mix 1 teaspoon cumin powder in 5 grams of yogurt.

Another way to use Cumin: Take 3 gram cumin powder and mix it in water. Add honey in it and drink it. Prepare vegetable soup and add teaspoon cumin. You can also add cumin in brown rice. It not only enhances the flavor but will also reduce your weight.

Lemon, Ginger and Cumin: Ginger and lime both increase the cumin ability to reduce the weight. Boil the carrots and some vegetables. Add grated ginger and cumin and lemon juice in it. You have to eat at night.

Reduce Fat: Cumin contains nutrients and antioxidants that increases metabolism and helps to reduce abdominal fat.

Increases Digestion and Avoid Gas: Cumin helps to digest food therefore, you get less gas. Qualm and flatulence is the cause of impaired digestion. Cumin prevents the formation of gas so food is digested in stomach and intestines.

Prevents from Heart Attack
: Cumin prevents bad cholesterol and fat in the body. So it helps to reduce weight and also prevents from heart attack.

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