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Toxins That Destroy Thyroid Gland

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The thyroid gland is in the middle and forward facing in the throat. It produces thyroid hormones and the main function of the hormones is to control the body’s digestion. The thyroid is a common diseases and it is mostly found in women. 

Toxins That Destroy Thyroid Gland

Destroy Thyroid Gland
When the thyroid gland secretes thyroid hormone then it is called as hypothyroidism or under-active thyroid. People face weight gain, miscarriage, infertility, dry skin, dry hair, lack of mental focus, fatigue, irritability etc. in hypothyroidism. Since, metabolism reduces due to thyroid so metabolism levels in the body reduce. 

It is more dangerous for pregnant women because there is a risk of miscarriage. It also minimizes the chance of pregnancy and cause infertility in men and women. Therefore, one should know the cause of the malfunction of inactive thyroid gland or thyroid gland.

Plastic: Do not eat or drink food in plastic bins or contains because it affects your thyroid gland. Plastic contains some harmful ingredients that harm the body. These do not only affect the thyroid gland but also become the cause of dangerous diseases such as cancer.

Soya: Soya contains phytoestrogens which prevents secretions of thyroid from the thyroid gland. Soya assimilated more iodine from the thyroid gland so thyroid won’t produce.

Sprinkle Pesticides Fruits & Vegetables: You must have to wash fruits and vegetables before eating because it has chemical pesticides. These pesticides harm the thyroid gland and cause damage to the brain. It also causes other diseases.

Fluoride mix Water: Water contains fluoride. It can damage the thyroid gland if it can be taken in excessive amount. Also, chlorine in the water and food can harm the thyroid gland.

Fuel Perchlorate: Perchlorate is formed by the burning of fuel. It enters in the body when engine fumes. This chemical is also present in food items and water. It can affect the thyroid gland and cause other health related problems.

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