Thursday, January 28, 2016

Surprising Foods Helps in Weight Loss

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We always found a way to reduce weight. There are several weight loss diet are available but many people do not follow the strict diet plan. But there are many foods which can reduce weight. 

Surprising Foods Helps in Weight Loss

Weight Loss
Such food as green leafy vegetables, lemon, lentils and whole grains etc. Many people don’t know about such substances. Several researches have shown that chocolate, beer, linseed seed reduce weight. Chocolate have some elements that helps to reduce weight.

Chocolate: Dark chocolate increases metabolism, burned calories and decay accumulated fat.

Beer: Moderate intake of beer helps to lose weight.

Potato: Stomach remains full for longer time when you eat potato. Therefore, you don’t eat more.

Raspberry: This citric fruit is helpful in weight loss because it contains an enzyme called ketone which burns the frozen fat from the body.

Vodka: Vodka, brandy, rum or tequila can reduce weight if it is drink in right amount. Your diet would be right along with this drink.

Ginger: Ginger is not only curing cold but also reduces weight. It helps to control cholesterol levels so one doesn’t have heart problem.

Chocolate Cake: According to research, metabolism increases and weight decreases if you eat chocolate cake in the morning. Also, you won’t get appetite.

Banana: You should eat banana in the morning. After that, you can eat anything throughout the day. Your weight will not increase because it has carbohydrates which do not dissolve.

Yogurt: Yogurt contains vitamin and other nutrition.

Beetroot: You can use beetroot in salad or drink its juice. In addition, it has many other health benefits.

Linseed Seeds: It has healthy fat and soluble fiber. You can eat it in salad or cooked in gravy.

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