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11 Smell That are Good For Health

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There are few smell in the world that keeps your body energize, while some smell will deteriorate the brain. However, such smell is very healthier. There are many people who can’t like healthy smell. This smell good for us and they affect our minds and bodies. 

11 Smell That are Good For Health

Smell good health
For example, the smell of coffee makes you energetic and alcohol smell slows our heart beat. You might dislike coffee but its smell fills you with energy.

Coffee: Coffee is not only good in taste but also it has good smell. If you smell the aroma of coffee then it reduces your fatigue and you filled with energy.

Lavender Flowers: The aroma of this flower calms the mind and gives relief from stress. You can light lavender candle to get relief from hard day’s work.

Citrus: Citrus fruits such as lemon, orange and musambi smell make you alert. Also, if you’re suffering from vomiting then you can smell them.

Eucalyptus: You can use eucalyptus oil in sticky nose and ears in winter. You should smell in nose and put drops in ears. It will definitely benefit you.

Wine: Wine is bad for High BP patient but its aroma can control your BP. Its flavor can make your beats slowly.

Jasmine: If you can’t sleep at night then you should put jasmine fruit instead of eating sleeping pill. It will calm your mind and you will get sleep.

Peppermint: You can eat peppermint leaves if you can’t concentrate on your study. It will alert your mind and you will concentrate on study.

Rose: You should smell rose at night if you get bad dreams. You will sleep well at night and your sleep will not be disturbed.

Chocolate: Its flavor relief from body pain and stress.

Sandalwood: It has very much importance in Hindu religion. It clams the mind and increases attention.

Saffron: Women should smell saffron during menstruation. They get good mood and irritation removes.

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