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List of 13 Power Foods get White Skin

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One should follow healthy diet and good lifestyle. Green vegetables, fruits full of vitamins give shiny skin. You should drink plenty of water and regular workout to get white skin. Drinking more water will discharge dangerous toxins and face become shiny. 

List of 13 Power Foods get White Skin

Power Foods get White Skin
On the other hand, the blood circulation in the body becomes too fast. You can use vegetable face pack to get white skin. You should include vitamin A, C and nutritious food in your diet. However, you should avoid having oily food which increases acne and pimple.

Carrots: It has vitamin C and carotene that is best for skin and hair. You should drink carrot juice to get beautiful skin.

Papaya: It has vitamin C, A, E and antioxidants which removes acne and stains from the skin. Also, it keeps the stomach clear.

Tomatoes: It has lycopene which is considered very good for skin. Tomatoes reduce the weight and saves from cancer.

Kiwi: This citrus fruit contain vitamin C which can give you white skin. Also, if there are stains on the face then you can grind fresh kiwi and apply on it. It removes stains from the face.

Beetroot: It opens the pores of the skin, increases blood circulation and helps to get rosy cheeks. You should drink beetroot juice and apply face pack every day.

Green Leafy Vegetables: It contains vitamins, nutrition and minerals. Spinach enhances glow of the skin

Strawberries: It contains vitamin C that enrich glow of the skin.

Capsicum: It contains vitamin C and lycopene which makes skin whitening.

Green Tea: It is herbal tea that fixes sunburn and removes stains from the skin. It makes the skin soft.

Soya Bean: Every soya product contains vitamin C and zinc. Acne and skin disorders can be cured by soya. You can make your dull skin bright by including it in your diet.

Broccoli: It is high in vitamin C and E. It also has antioxidant properties that clean the system and brings glow on the face.

Fish: Fish contain omega-3 which is very important vitamin for the skin.

Yellow Capsicum
: It is full of vitamin C which works as an anti-aging.

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