Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Iron Rich Diet Can Help you to Fight Cold

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In the winter you wear as many clothes but you get cold. Many people may think that they feel much cold compared to others. It might be possible due to lack of iron in the body. Our body’s muscles, organs and tissues require oxygen to work. 

Iron Rich Diet Can Help you to Fight Cold

Iron Rich Diet
Therefore, blood reaches to the every part of the body. However, it won’t reach to the every organ if there is shortage of iron. Women get colder because large amount of blood come out during menstrual and they become victim of anemia. In this case, you should include iron food in your diet.

Jaggery: Jaggery has lot of iron which not only reduces the urge of sweet but also enhances the body’s immunity. It also supports to fight the cold. You can also eat chikki in winter.

Dates: It contains iron as well as fiber which give relief from constipation. It also helps to get rid from bad cholesterol. Blood pressure remains in control by consumption of dates.

Kamal Cucumber: It is use for making vegetables and pickle. It contains a lot of iron which increases hemoglobin. It also contains calcium and fiber.

Beetroot: You can use it in salad or vegetable. It contains folic acid and iron. Also, you will get antioxidants which protect you from the winter cold. It is also use to cure fever.

Amla: It is full of vitamin C and iron. You should always eat raw Amla because it loses its antioxidant power after cooking. It also balances the stomach acid.

Avoid tea-coffee: Body’s ability to absorb iron decreases by drinking more tea-coffee. You can drink hot soup instead of tea-coffee. So you will not get cold and it gives you iron.

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